Goyt Valley Striders
Affiliated to UK Athletics
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Club Events - 2018

These three races and runs are open to CLUB MEMBERS ONLY. FREE to enter. There is no charge to club members for any of these races. Not a member? Then you cannot run, however the annual cost of being a member is small and spread across the three races is much less than a single fell race. Click on the headings for more information on each race.

Terry's Race

This event is a time trial. How long does it take to complete the course? The nearest to predicted time wins, no watches are allowed to be worn. The winner is presented with a trophy at the AGM

Magic Mile

How fast can you run a mile? This evening event involves a largely flat one mile race along the canal, finishing at the Navigation Inn at Buxworth. This is an informal low key event so the winner gets their prize straight away.....

Sting in the Tail

The Sting in the Tail does as it says on the tin! But there are no guarantees that there won’t be a sting or two on the way round as well. The sting takes place on a summer Friday evening. The sting in the tail trophy is awarded each year at the AGM.

30th Anniversary Club Run

This is a special run/race open to members to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of GVS

Club Away Runs

All away runs are in place of the regular Tuesday Runs but based at locations (usually near a pub) not to far away. These are opportunities for runners to explore different areas.
Dates for 2018:-
April 10th - Combs
May 8th - Topley Pike (Buxton - Wye Valley)
June 12th - Rowarth (Little Mill)
July 10th - Hayfield (Sportsman Inn)
August 14th Bollington (Vale Inn)
September 11th

Magic Mile.  -  April 13th, 2018

The Magic Mile.

Runners set off at intervals and are timed. The runner who gets closest to their estimated time wins.

No watches or devices are allowed to be worn. Just to give everybody an even chance.

Meet outside the Navigation Inn, Buxworth. from 7pm to 7:30 See message board for updates.

The route is simple: Finish at the Navigation Inn. Start either at a point on the Peak Forest canal near Bridgemont, or on the tramway near Whitehough. The route varies from year to year one is uphill one down so results will vary considerably.

The reward is a drink at the Navigation Inn afterwards!

Date for 2018: Friday 13th April

Results 2018: HERE

Previous years Results

Contact: Kieran Smallbone

Sting in the tail - July 6th, 2018

Sting in the Tail

NEW ROUTE FOR 2018 The route starts from the Shady Oak car park and is marked. Runners estimate their time before they set off, either on their own or in pairs and can leave anytime between 6pm to 7.15pm. The runner nearest their estimated time wins – so anyone could be taking home the trophy.

No watches or other timing devices can be worn.

Spot prizes given on the night and the winner is awarded the trophy at the AGM.

Date for 2018:- July 6th, 2018

Contact: Sally Hunter

Route Map (New route for 2018):- MAP

Previous years Results

30th Anniversary Club Run September 9th, 2018

Club 30th Anniversary Race/Run

Date September 9th: New races have forced a change of date for this event Starting times are between 10 and 11am Starting from Canal basin car park.
If you cannot make the 9th (sunday). Then there is a planned option of a run on Saturday Morning (the ususal run and time) for those not able to do sunday. A trail event of about 8.5miles open to all members.
No age limit, you can Run, Jog or Walk the route.
The route will be revealed on the day but it will be easy, off road and mainly flat.
There are no prizes but everyone who takes part will receive a special memento.

Entry is Free for all club members.

To Enter:
Put your name down by signing up here:- ENTER

Terry's Race - November 4th, 2018

Terry’s Race

A little earlier this year due to organisers commitments. The route is the same each year but the direction alternates. The race takes place on a Sunday morning in mid November and starts at Taxal lay-by on Long Hill, grid ref 008 798. Runners set off at 2 minute intervals from 9am onwards. You guess your own time (before you set off) and the person nearest their time is the winner. No watches or other timing devices are allowed to be worn along the way. This gives everyone an equal chance to win. The 6.5 mile route will not be marked but there is a map and a detailed route description. You can run with a friend if you are worried about getting lost etc!

Terry Lardner ran with the club until he became ill and sadly died from cancer. As Terry was very well liked and respected as a runner, the club decided to hold an annual race in his memory. The race goes past Terry’s tree, a mountain ash planted in the Goyt Valley, just below Taxal Edge by the members of Chapel Rambling club. They planted the tree as their mark of respect for Terry who alternated between his passions for the outdoors. The Race Winner is awarded the The Terry Lardner Memorial Trophy at the AGM each year.

Date for 2018 - October 14th, 2018

A Route Map can be found Here:- MAP

Note:- For 2018 the route will be anti-clockwise - (up the B'stard fields, Taxal Edge, Windgather, The Street, Hoo Moor, Goyt Valley)

2017 Results:- HERE

Results from previous years are:- HERE

Contact: Chris Bowen