Goyt Valley Striders
Affiliated to UK Athletics
Reg no. 2658036

Championship Tables:

2024 Summer Fell Championship  Race Series Tables


2024 Championships:-

The race championships for 2024 will be similar to those held in recent years. Full details are given below. Trophies will be awarded to the Overall Champion; Mens Champion; Ladies Champion; Mens Vet 40 Champion; Ladies Vet 40 Champion; Mens Vet 50 Champion; Ladies Vet 50 Champion; Mens V60 Champion and Ladies Vet 60 Champion. For the Summer Fell Championship there are two trophies, one for the Mens Champion and one for the Ladies Champion. There will be prizes for the 2nd and 3rd positions in each category.

All Previous years club championships
tables can be found:- Archive

Main Club Championship

There are 18 races in this years championship and the best 8 races count towards a competitors total score. You score 60 pts for being 1st, 59pts for being 2nd etc. Additionally you need to compete in at least one of each distance i.e. short; medium and long. You also have to compete in at least one of each terrain i.e. fell; road and trail. You will qualify for the championship T shirt this year having completed just 5 races Should you request one.

Summer Fell Championship

These races are separate from the main club championship. This year there are 9 races in total and the best 5 count towards your final score. As with the Main championships the first person gets 60pts 2nd. 59 etc.