Goyt Valley Striders
Affiliated to UK Athletics
Reg no. 2658036

Summer Fell Series Championship 2018


For the 2018 Main Club Championship see menu above, or:- Main ch.


Your best 5 scores from the list will be used to calculate final standings. You need to complete at least 4 races to enter These are all midweek races Dates listed here may be subject to change.

First Strider in gets 60 points, 2nd 59 and so on. In the event of a tie both runners will receive the same score.

I have got accurate dates where possible but some races may not have been announced for 2018 and so I have had to assume based on the 2017 date. These are marked with a *.

Similarly some race links are not yet available and the 2017 one is included here. Please check back for updates.



The 2017 Summer fell Championship can be found HERE

A downloadable Calendar file (new version) is included for you to automatically add these dates to your phone, tablet or desktop calendar applications. Thanks Aidan Grant for creating this for us:- HERE
If you are not sure how this works, here is an article from Google on how to sync calendar files:-HERE Or for an iPhone:- HERE For Windows:- HERE