Goyt Valley Striders
Affiliated to UK Athletics
Reg no. 2658036

Goyt Valley Striders Kit Page

Whilst the wearing the club shirt or vest is not compulsory in many races, it is always recommended as it shows that you are a member of a club and gets GVS noticed. We hope you will wear our club vest or shirt at any championship races and ask that you consider wearing one when competing in any road, trail or fell race.

Members can buy the following Items:-

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GVS Vest

New Style:-

Mens GVS Competition Vests - £12

Ladies GVS Competition Vests - £12

GVS Vest

Running Bear or Ron Hill Style:-

Mens GVS Competition Vests - £15

Ladies GVS Competition Vests - £15


Ron Hill :-

Mens GVS Competition T-Shirt - £15

Ladies GVS Competition T-Shirt - £12

Zipped Tee

Running Bear:-

Mens GVS Competition Zipped T-Shirt - £15

Ladies GVS Competition Zipped T-Shirt -£15

Training Tee

Reflective Hi Vis Print:-
Green (few yellow left)

Mens GVS Training T-Shirts - £15

Ladies GVS Training T-Shirts -£15


Green GVS Hoody Front embroidered logo, back print.

Unisex £25

GVS "Buff" Style headwear

Unisex Green GVS "Buff" - £10

Our Kit Manager (Helen Parry) has all the above items available for sale. (subject to stock availability)

If you require anything send her a brief message on the message board. (link via members area) or if you prefer ring/text on:- 07729 869940. The kit shop periodically appears at the Tuesday training sessions (see message board). also kit can be brought along to some of the other sessions on request.