SUN . FEB 2.  Alsager 5
1stPaul Oakley30:40(60 pts) (60 pts)
2ndLucas Jones32:15(59 pts) (59 pts)
3rdBrian Holland33:59(58 pts) (58 pts)
4thBarnaby Gordon34:17(56 pts)  
5thMark Ruston34:14(57 pts)  
6thBen Jay37:17(55 pts) (57 pts)
7thMark Whelan37:44(54 pts) (56 pts)
8thPaul Hunt38:04(53 pts) (55 pts)
9thAustin Boam39:48(52 pts) (54 pts)
10thTracy Vernon40:18(51 pts)(60 pts)(53 pts)
11thMoira Hunt40:36(50 pts)(59 pts)(52 pts)
12thWayne Grant40:59(49 pts) (51 pts)
13thSusan Holland42:51(48 pts)(58 pts)(50 pts)
14thChristine Bowen43:01(47 pts)(57 pts)(49 pts)
15thLinette Ruston46:46(46 pts)(56 pts) 

Although 4th and 5th places appear wrong, these are chip times. The actual finish positions are as shown.